Our 2022 Important Letter

Hi Everyone,

I appreciate you taking time to read our important announcement as we kick off a new year! This is the first announcement of its kind for us and hoping to be the last as our team has been working tirelessly to pivot given the extreme and positive changes we have seen as a small business.

What’s New?


new packaging 

Use Me Hair’s new focus in 2022! As a lot of you know, our supply chain wait times and delays kicked us where it hurt last year and while we could have searched any new packaging to replace the original we decided to do something eco-positive for our planet.

"To a brighter future," is our promise to seek already made, sterile and un-used packaging and adopt them to Use Me Hair’s line up. This is an exciting change for many reasons; one being, saving a lot of packaging from getting thrown away.

Our labels will change slightly for a fresh perspective and our packaging may change to showcase the adopted un-used packaging we have taken on from other companies, and labs. 

What this means? We are saving plastic waste rather than creating new waste and removing the rotation of unnecessary waste on our planet.

Use Me Hair Formulations -are the same but an updated twist! As we roll out our new initiative we thought to upgrade our fragrance to reflect an earth element we are helping to reduce waste for. The Beach! So get excited because this new fragrance smells like paradise, and we’re here for it!!! 



Has been a monstrous success thanks to you! So much so we look back at 2021 in awe on how could a small business from Southern CA make such a large impact in your lives and routine? We are humbled and we are grateful that you have trusted our experts and mega hair geeks in making a difference in your haircare!

However, with all the attention came something to our surprise. We found out that there lives a wig aka: synthetic hair company, that also shares our love in the name OUTRÉ and they felt like the attention we are getting is going to pull their audience away from them. I did try to speak to their representatives explaining our difference in business is nothing of crossing paths, however in everything we do as a brand is with transparency, honesty and integrity. With this, we will start phasing out the name OUTRÉ.

Rest assured everything is the same with the product inside. I mean everything! 

This change will take some time, so you will start to receive updated labels sometime this year. If you happen to receive our original label, this is not old product (because we place new orders with our lab constantly and the shelf life is 34 months) it just means you will soon have our new label to welcome home.

Supply Chain

The woe’s of out of stock! We are working with our lab to forecast what we will need this year. Please know, we are not in any business trouble and are not getting rid of your favorite products but working our best to get in the long line to receive some of our ingredients. 

We do know the big guys (those huge corporations) have already bought out ingredients for their products and have out bid the small guys like us. So we will continue to do our best to plan, wait and receive. 

It is true that we are receiving some heavy price increases on our side from costs of ingredients, labor to make the product, shipping & freight but we want to do what's best for you and have decided to keep our prices as is. 

We are so excited to start 2022 with you by our side and want you to know how important you are to us. We are here FOR YOU, and without you we would not be! 

Sending you love always,



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