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If you find yourself cleaning out your hairbrush from the fallen hair heroes more often in fall, you’re not alone! Seasonal hair loss is completely normal (though frustrating) it is what happens as the sun shifts from direct contact with your scalp.

Our bodies accelerate hair growth through summer simply as a defense to shield your scalp from getting too much damage from the uv rays the sun gives off. Naturally, our hair follicle has a life span that changes seasonally so as the summer sun starts to shift our scalp takes the signal that it doesn’t need to protect you as much and starts to release that extra keratin cushion.

Other ways you may experience seasonal hair loss post-summer is due to all of the damage your scalp took through the sunshine. It’s hard to believe that our scalps are one of the most sensitive skin types on our bodies because we rarely if ever see them yet they take the biggest hit for us acting as a personal umbrella all year long.
Some ways you may have damaged your scalp are:

  •  too much sun not enough sunscreen
  •  avoiding nutrient deposits i.e. leave-in conditioner
  •  pool water, salt or chlorine can dehydrate and remove natural nutrients stripping away oils causing your scalp to be depleted 
  •  long days at the beach or laying out can dry your ends creating brittle dry split ends

How can you reverse these damages? Scroll down for our tips!

For many of us, loosing hair is a big loss because we started off having fine to medium density anyways so whether you are looking for some tips to hang on to your dense hair or want to prolong the loss check out these tips for a healthy scalp = healthy thicker hair!


What you put into your body is crucial to maintain healthy amino acids that build your hair health. We suggest adding foods like avocado, almonds, coconut oil, salmon, and chia seeds to help support healthy hair.


While we understand loosing hair means your hair follicle grew tired and released your hair, we sure know how to bring it back! Try using our 8 IN 1+CBD leave in conditioner for daily use. Not only is it gentle enough to soothe your scalp issues like dandruff but it will also keep frizz at bay while enhancing blood circulation under your scalp to increase your hair growth.

For those looking for a more natural way without CBD, try DailyVitamist+Biotin. This mist packs in usda certified organic ingredients like orange peel, coconut, aloe vera leaf juice, agave and of course BIOTIN!


Dusting your ends is a polite way of telling your hairdresser you don’t want a transformation but you do want salt ends to be cut off. If you avoid dusting off your ends that are splitting you are creating finer hair by the day. A split end will continue ripping up the hair shaft with no stopping it meaning it will cut your density (how thick your hair is) by half a strand of hair per split end. That’s right, it can cut it down the middle. We’ve seen it! 


Sometimes your hair is telling you enough is enough! Your scalp is loosing hair, your ends are dry and splitting. What you need is a massive deep conditioning treatment. Unlike a ‘normal’ hair mask that could just mask split ends with unmentionable ingredients try using the best ingredients for damaged hair that can get to work on contact!

Try using our ReUp&Rescue+CBD as a double team to massage directly on your scalp to bring vibrant vitamins and anti-inflammatory benefits on contact. You will be sure to see massive hair growth once this becomes a part of your routine!


Thanks to stay at home orders and the wishy washy economy who knows what states can do what these days but it sure makes it easier to allow your hair to air dry with total control. Try giving your head a break from unnecessary heat tools and detox into your natural beauty.

For a styling product that does not crunch, flake or get hard try Wave+ Curl Cream formulated with usda certified organic ingredients like kokum, cupuacu seed butters, sunflower seed, aloe vera and agave!