Hair Taking Forever To Dry?

Try These Fast[er] Air Drying Tips

Let’s get down to it. The more time we spend in the house be it the new normal of working from home, or being shifted from the office because your home became a school, let’s face it, we all know that moment when we just wished your hair dried faster! I would be confident to add that it seems as though the more we are living in a state of limbo the worse I get to keeping track of the days which include the last minute zoom notifications.

So let’s take a look at how you can control a faster air dry with a trending hairstyle finish and break down the question you may have asked yourself, why my hair takes forever to dry?

Why your hair takes forever to dry

Simply put, your hair is thirsty, your hair is dehydrated and more than likely at the point your hair is missing nutrients that are responsible for attracting and locking in moisture. If your hair is thirsty it thinks H2O is it’s ‘food’ and it will hang on to it for dear life not wanting to let it go. Your hair mimics what your body does, if we become dehydrated or avoid certain foods as we reintroduce it our body may respond by water retention due to the fact that your body doesn’t know when it will get hydration or nutrients again.

As a hairstylist I see time and time again that usually my male clients with short virgin hair dries faster. In fact, I have to continuously rewet their hair with a mister in order to keep a consistent texture through their haircut service. This just isn’t the case for 92% of my women clients. Mostly because we do chemical treatments i.e. haircolor, highlights, keratin treatments etc. or the fact that their hair is longer. The longer the hair the more your ends tend to get lack of scalp oils to protect it.

California has been brining it’s bag of tricks this year but the 70 year record breaking heat wave sure tops it off. I personally love heat my husband prefers a/c and a cold temperature. If you are like us now you too will understand the suffering knowledge of freshly washed hair in an air-conditioning house blowing freezing cold air through your body. While our heads keep our temperature stable, all goes out the window when your hair is wet!

Call me biased to this article, but I needed to share the tips I use daily to making my air-drying a more pleasurable experience while trying to control my bleached out coils [without the frizz].


Start with a replenishing routine we prefer Vegan and cruelty free products to jumpstart a healthy scalp cleansing and moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. We are aware that a lot of clean beauty still sneaks in some bad ingredients but proud to say these DO NOT HAVE sulphates, parabens, gluten, phthalates or DMDMh (the last one is a formaldehyde releasing ingredient, pretty rude and disruptive). We find that the combination of a gentle but thorough shampoo followed by a nutrient packed conditioner helps your hair absorb essential amino acids to build your hair’s health leading to faster air-dry times.

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Wring Out Your Hair

Seems pretty simple if you ask me, but as a mom to an elementary student it’s not always a thought to wring my hair out and I always kick myself for it as soon as I get the first shiver of water drops on my clavicle. Before you step out of the shower grab your hair like you would a ponytail and twist it, twist, twist twist some more. The excess water will drip out. If you fell like it, give your hair a good shake and repeat it one more time.

Turban Wrap Your Hair

When you separate a towel for your hair it will truly help to absorb excess moisture. Some fabrics have better water absorbing capabilities like microfiber check out a great list here. Don’t think you need to invest in a new hair towel today, any towel is better than nothing at all! Leave your hair wrapped for at least 5 minutes. For me, this is when I finish up i.e. body lotion, face creams and serums, brushing teeth, you name it, I drag this time out as long as I can.

Once you release your towel/ turban wrap add a nourishing mist like out leave in conditioner + cbd. When you leave the steam of the shower your cuticle is open and allows nutrient dense ingredients to absorb in. Reference above, when your hair has proper* nutrients, it will release water quicker. This is a great time to layer a frizz taming product like Hair Oil + CBD. Apply this from mid strands through your ends. You will be amazed at how much quicker your hair will start to dry, from the good hair ingredients being absorbed to the oil …. oil and water don’t mix, so when a fancy, non-greasy oil like ours enters you get the silky feels without the weight and it tells the water to get out!

Keep It [your hair] Out Of A Ponytail Or A Hat 

The air cannot move through the density of your hair so when you secure it back it keeps moisture in the goal here is to get the moisture OUT. Whether your hair is healthy or on the mend try to avoid securing your hair back to collectively keep itself wet.

!Super Secret MUST KNOW TIP!

Finally, if you must speed things up, take a blowdryer to it. Here is the trick, blow dry by your scalp [root area] FIRST. Your scalp area needs to get dry first because water drips down and will continually keep your strands wet as it drips down. So those with a bad habit of drying your ends for a long time, that one trick could save you 15 minutes in getting ready time! Move around the head ‘globally’ so that your root area everywhere gets dry, especially down in your nape area and around your front hairline. From their decide if you just need to detail the front of the hair for your zoom call or if you are able to air dry the rest.