The Future Of Your Haircare


An aging scalp decreases hair growth by 80%

What you need to stop using ASAP

Now that we have become semi-pro’s at styling out our own hair thanks to the never ending stay-at-home orders brought to us last year, we’ve had some time to really practice a hair routine that works for us. After-all chances of us running into someone we know if we messed up decrease significantly or we can duck out thanks to our masks!

For some a perfect air dry hair product has become a staple and for the extreme busy bodies we need to know that our hair care shower tools i.e. shampoo, conditioner and hair mask has the power to tame the most unruly hair making the getting ready part a breeze.

The truth is and always should be with any haircare product(s) is taking care of the source, your scalp. The end all be all of any hair care rests on the properties that ensures hair growth, nourish hair before it grows out, and combats internal inflammation that causes everything from oily scalp, build up, dandruff, itchy scalp and premature hair loss.

Now we aren’t rushing to replace skin care for hair care but we are starting this year off by challenging you to treat your haircare as if it was just as important. Because it is.


  • Your scalp ages 12x faster than your body skin
  • Your scalp ages 6x faster than facial skin
  • An aging scalp decreases hair growth by 80%

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Why Is Scalp Health A Thing?

The length, shine and growth of your hair depend on one thing, the health of your scalp. Between the pollution in our air to the amount of oil or hair products you have been using, your scalp is getting a great deal of foreign substance to battle. Neglecting your scalp is creating its own natural disaster. 

Every single one of your hairs grows from a small pocket on your scalp called the follicle. In order to produce one healthy strand of hair we need to ensure you're providing your body with nutrients for healthy hair and maintaining a healthy pH while buffing away impurities so that your hair doesn't struggle to grow from the source but has a plentiful space to thrive! If your scalp is not healthy or your follicle gets blocked by oil (sebum), product build up or is not maintained it can effect how or if your hair can grown out at all. In fact, a seriously blocked follicle and mean that hair won't grow. Wait long enough and the follicle will die with no recovery options.

Why Is My Scalp Itchy?

An itchy scalp is your body communicating with you that there is an imbalance. This could be a build up of pollution, oil, products or you are having a reaction to an ingredient(s) in the products you are using. Mind you during winter months some people get an itchy scalp due to sensitive skin (reference scalp agin facts above) with the weather changing or being exposed to artificial heaters when you kick the chill. 

How To Fix An Itchy Scalp

When you look to rebalance your scalp we like to first look at some DIY's followed by quality products that will soothe and nourish your scalp and hair. If you are itchy and think it is related to oil or product build up try this recipe before your next shampoo. *It gets messy so best to do it in the shower!

- save your coffee grounds from your morning coffee
- scoop three - five tablespoons of used coffee grounds in a shower safe bowl or cup
- add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
- add a tablespoon of organic coconut oil (or oil of choice)

Below are optional ingredients:
- add one teaspoon of salt
- add a dash of sugar
* personal preference to add 1 drop of your favorite essential oil. Essential oil increases strength when mixed with water so be mindful not to add much

- Wet your hair in the shower and using a spoon or your fingers mix your scalp scrub and scoop up enough to place on your head
- Away from the water gently massage your scalp moving this mixture all around gently allowing the exfoliant to do 98% of the work
- Rinse with lukewarm water
- Follow with 2x shampoo's and your favorite hair mask or conditioner

An alternative method and less messy by all accounts is using a sulfate free shampoo like our Shampoo + CBDStart by shampooing your hair 2x then step away from the direct water contact and apply our Hair Oil from our REUP & RESCUE Duo directly on your scalp and massage it in. You can wait a few minutes or immediately layer this with its counter part for repair Instant Repair Hair Mask. Let the warm steam from the shower open your pores and your follicle allowing the treatment to absorb in before rinsing. Leave on 5-10 minutes 2x a week for optimal results. 

Are You Having A Reaction?

Look at your current products right now and if they have any of these ingredients throw them out. We are about to detox you away from that poison and switch you into a naturally balanced routine to make you feel better and healthier and your hair longer and stronger than its ever been!

Ingredients to avoid

SULFATES: Are taking their job way too seriously. In fact sulfate’s are a harsh detergent salt and reacts when it finds another chemical to meet with. This not only cleanses your hair it removes all of mother nature’s magic through naturally occurring nutrients, moisture and leaves your skin and hair dry. It can also cause irritation on what it touches, including acne breakouts. Eek.

PARABENS: Are a type of preservative. The scary part about parabens is that it is commonly found in all types of beauty products, pharmaceuticals and even food. It is linked to causing hormone malfunction and can increase cancers/ breast cancer.

GLUTEN: Comes from nature so why is this so bad? Well gluten is a combination of wheat based products that form a glue. Because it’s nature manipulated it triggers an autoimmune response to your system. Gluten is also a blocker. Apply gluten everywhere you don’t want to get nutrients …. The point is, gluten is the enemy if you want to add nutrients for a healthy scalp to get your hair goals in check. Not only that, gluten hosts symptoms that can lead to infertility and nerve damage.

PHTHALATES: We don’t style our hair or get our hair growing by wearing plastic so why would anyone think its ok to add phthalates to hair care? Well it exists that’s why we mention it here. As common as phthalates are in nail polish, hair sprays, soaps, perfumes and moisturizers, they aren’t good for you. Phthalates also absorb in your body so fast they will be swimming in your blood stream in seconds! Ingesting plastic through our body absorption or any other way never sounds like a good idea.

DMDMH: DMDM Hydantoin is a preservative to prevent spoilage of your hair care, beauty products and other skin care products but it is after all formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is used to press wood, particleboard, plywood, glues and adhesives. It also changes the body tissue on a molecular level. When you are exposed to this you can get intense effects like runny eyes, nose and throat, coughing wheezing; nausea the list goes on. Just say no!


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Why Do I Have Dandruff?

Dandruff like most scalp conditions have a theme as to why you are experiencing this issue vs. another depending on your body type and how your body is reacting. Dandruff is main causes are: Irritated and oily scalp, not shampooing enough, a yeast fungus that feeds on oils adults produce, dry skin, psoriasis, eczema and contact dermatitis (allergic reaction to products).

What's In My Dandruff Shampoo?

  • COAL TAR: which belongs in a class of drugs called keratoplastics. Side effects of this is scalp/skin irritations especially for blondes, bleached, dyed or grey hair. Long term use of products with coal tar can cause damage to your hair follicle. This ingredient is used to shed scalp skin for you.
  • ZINC PYRITHIONE: the fungus and bacteria killer with known side effects such as: burning and stinging if it gets in your eyes, nose or mouth, burning or redness and in rare cases blistering.
  • KETOCONAZOLE: is used to treat serious fungal infections. This is a medication and should be used with a doctor recommendation as the side affects are: Nausea and vomiting, headache, vision changes, mental/mood changes. It can also cause adrenal gland problems, and decrease in testosterone levels.

Is There A Safer Shampoo To Help My Dandruff?

Yes there are great alternatives to help your dandruff issue that don't require a prescription like our shampoo { click here }. There is a melody of safer ingredients to help treat, calm and soothe your dandruff like CBD, baobab, jojoba and coconut oil. It is also great for sensitive skin types because there is no; sulfates, parabens, gluten, phthalates, dmdmh. 


ORGANIC: Products that contain usda certified organic ingredients contain higher nutritional value than conventional ingredients or man made. The reason is organic ingredients have to grow stronger to protect itself against nature in the wild so they don’t rely on man made chemicals and pesticides to protect them. Vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants are all apart of our bodies internal code to survive, your scalp is no exception. It is all connected to our body and require the TLC and nutrient dense value that gives our head a break from combating chemicals, sun, weather and toxicity.

: Your body produces its own CBD it is called the endocannabinoids which are neurotransmitters that bind to the cannabinoid receptors in your nervous system. Meaning if you’re anti CBD you are anti your body function. Just as natural as your red blood cells produce and move oxygen around your body, your endocannabinoids communicate to your nervous system to heal you of things you may not even realize.

Topical CBD directly on your scalp provides you with:

  • Increased hair growth
  • Increases blood circulation to feed your hair
  • Decrease inflammation that is causing premature hair loss
  • Less oily scalp by rebalancing your natural oil production
  • Combat dandruff and itchy scalp by replenishing moisture
  • Rich amino acids (hairs natural building blocks for strength)
  • Soothes dry scalp
  • It heals sensitive skin types and skin conditions
  • Combat acne around your hairline and even your body as it washes out from the scalp your products touch your skin

Please look into all the bodily benefits CBD can bring to your system *after consulting with your doctor of course

As a brand our mission from day one was to escape large haircare manufacturers “short-cuts” and money saving moves. Chemical ingredients (not all are bad btw, A LOT ARE) are cheaper, last longer and allow them to sit under your bathroom sink for far too long. We wanted to create a simplified hair care line to well, simplify your hair styling routine.

From our journey to working with clients behind the chair, chasing models at New York Fashion Week to demonstrating the next “it” product we were left unfulfilled by the hair product brands story’s because there wasn’t one. We know what is good for our body and we know what ingredients can make your life easier. There wasn’t a great brand that tugged on our heart strings so we set out to do it on our own! We are happy that you are here now and can get these incredible scalp and hair saving products in your hands so you can go enjoy the things that make you smile.


Although we think hair "hides" our scalp, this is false. Your head is the protector to your body while it is always first in contact with the sun, water, products or heat tools you use.