ULTRA HYDRATION, SMOOTH FRIZZ AND PROTECTION FROM SUN DAMAGE can be anyones dream when it comes to summer hair goals however the opposite reality of what your hair will actually go through as the temperatures rises. Each hair type carries its own characteristics, some frizzy, yours may tangle easily (usually a sign of split ends and dehydration) while others may embrace the sun kissed highlights and the perfectly salted beach waves. The fact that 92% of us do not have selfie worthy hair after a long pool or beach day means doesn't mean you should give up but rather add a product or two in tandem with your sunscreen for hair that will look better now and FEEL INCREDIBLE later.


If your hair is starting to reflect your inner thoughts of 2020, you may find it hanging over the edge of annoying and not pretty. Here is what tangled hair is really telling you:

1: POOR HYDRATION when our hair is lacking moisture it creates friction between each strand of hair that gets frizzy and weak. When this happens our spilt ends start to peel away further up the hair strand itself causing your hair to create tangles and knots.

2: HEAT your hair is already getting punished with dehydration so when we add a heat element like blowdrying, irons, or even del sol you are depleting essential hydration from the very core of your hair.

3: WET HAIR can be your worst enemy without even knowing it. We are talking summer time fun so I will stick to that subject. Whether you are getting out of the pool or the ocean you are constantly getting your hair wet. As your hair is wet it is most vulnerable to breakage and damage. If you brush your hair aggressively while its wet to tame it or keep it in a ponytail you are fracturing pieces of your hair that will cause you more harm than good.

THE SOLUTION: increase hydration and nutrients before you go out and throughout your day. If you replace nutrients with natural humectants (naturally occurring hydration and retention) your hair will thrive and your scalp will thank you for not yanking on it to hard post sun days. A product we recommend is our Use Me Hair Daily Vitamist + Biotin which is stuffed with usda certified organic ingredients like; sunflower seed oil, agave * arguably the best natural humectant available btw, aloe vera, kokum seed butter and cupuacü seed butter. This mist brings you more than 6 styling benefits that will keep frizz at bay, provide superior UV protection amongst a healthy list of natural benefits a leave in conditioner can bring you. The best part about this hybrid leave-in conditioner is that it's more of a water than a cream so every hair type will drink this up without the icky feel of heavy residues!


First off we want to pay credit where credit is due and this Instant Repair CBD Hair Mask was intended to bring a sensation of repair, hydration, life, body and bounce to your head in 5 minutes. However, when we look at the benefits of CBD and baobab vegan proteins its no wonder why this mask made it to our list for instant relief to a sunburned scalp!

How did we get here? You may have missed a few laws of the sun before meeting beau at the beach.

1: You parted your hair super cute to fit the two braids to sit just right on either side of your head but forgot to spray sunscreen on the exposed scalp before heading out.

2: You may have applied sunscreen to your face and middle part but by the time you finished the case of White Claws your hair style changed without you noticing.

THE SOLUTION: In some cases you won't notice the burn until you hop in the shower and get major sensitivity once the water reaches your head but regardless you know you got a bit too much sun than you would have liked. We know what comes next, you will become paranoid central because this burn will peel and you do not want people to think you have dandruff (or even if you do, this remedy will help you as well).
We recommend applying this CBD hair mask in your hands and warm it up really well. You can apply it on dry or towel dried hair because the focus will be your skin ... or your scalp. Apply generously with your pointer and middle finger to sections of your scalp that was exposed to the sun too long. * an easy way to do this is to start with a middle parting from your forehead down through your crown and move that part 1/4" to the right until you reach your ear and repeat this down the left side to match it.
Allow this to sit and absorb (because it will absorb through, be thankful that we are vegan and have no sulfates, parabens, gluten, phthalates, DMDMh or gluten in our ingredients)!
Rinse after you feel it has absorbed enough (or after 20 minutes) with cooler temperature water. Repeat this as necessary for the next week and watch your skin heal, breath better, get rid of dandruff and regain a healthy and happy scalp!


1. WEAR A HAT - You would think our hair is the ultimate protection for one of our most sensitive skin, the scalp but when you are having fun in the sun carefree comes to mind and we seem to throw caution into the wind leaving our scalp exposed more than we realize. A hat is a great way to truly put a barrier between you and the sun to ensure you don't get any surprises later.

2. DON'T TIE IT UP TOO TIGHT - Our hair swells in temperatures and moisture levels i.e. pool or ocean water so if you throw your hair out of your face in a quick but tight pony tail you will disrupt the natural occurring fluctuation of your follicle that will lead to unreversable breakage. When you think of putting your hair back, think of braids as a healthier alternative.

3. DON'T GET SALTY - Whether you are swimming in a salt pool, the ocean or chlorine know this, all of these elements will strip away your natural oils. Nothing replaces natural oils because your body produces what your hair needs. Once this is gone it will take a lot of work to make up for the loss and to rebuild the collagen and nutrients that rinsed away with the tide. You can prevent this from happening by prepping your hair with a barrier like: Use Me Hair Wave + Curl Cream, a natural based haircare product that moisturizes, protects and defines your hair but will repel a quick dip and protect your hair as it comes in first contact between you and the water.


Your hair's PH sounds fancy but what does it really mean? Your PH is a measurement to how much acidity or alkaline your hair is at currently. This is not permanent as it changes with lifestyle, hair appointments, sun exposure and the hair products you use. You will need to know what products can bring your hair's ph to its happy place between 4.5 and 5.0 (good news is, our shampoo has a low ph of 4.5) 
Your ph helps to fight off fungi and bacteria that can grow on your scalp and hair and when it sits between 4.5 and 5 will leave your cuticle closed and healthy.

1. TOO MUCH ACID: Your cuticle will contract and will be difficult to manage or absorb your conditioners and other nutrients that your hair needs to "survive".

2: TOO MUCH ALKALINE: Will cause your cuticle to open releasing all of your nutrients, natural oils and your $300+ hair color you just got! 

THE SOLUTION: Find a shampoo that is gentle but effective in cleansing both your hair and scalp without disrupting your natural oil productions. When you create an equally effective routine you will notice sun damaged and dehydrated hair comes back to life without feeling extra dry, while allowing your body to produce the right amount of oil and will stop over producing oil. *When our scalp is dry it creates extra oil to protect itself and you, which is why living in a dry-shampoo world or as summer sun worshiping begins, we are seeing so many more extra oily scalps!