4-Step Haircare Guide

4-Step Haircare Guide

If you've been searching high and low for tips on growing longer, stronger and healthier hair, we hear ya! It is one of the most searched questions when it comes to hair!

To get the results you are looking for [raise your hand if you’re guilty] you may have been duped into buying all that salmon, hair pills, olive oil, fish oil and essentially made chips and guac in the shower with countless avocado masks more times than you’d like.

avocado hair mask DIY hair masks for softer and healthier hair

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Choosing The Right Hair Products For Your Hair Type

The secret to growing longer, stronger and healthier hair is actually quite simple once you hone in on a regimen and stick with it.

Before you make a run into Whole Foods or your local farmers market to get the newest fasting juice for hair or vitamin gummies, let’s first talk about your hair type.

Whether you have fine hair, thick hair, coarse hair, wavy hair, kinky curly hair or are balding, the first step is to admit that your hair type is more likely different than the type of products you think you should be using.

Confused women choosing the best hair products for their hair type

Growing longer, stronger and healthier hair is simple once you establish a solid daily routine—one that begins with products created for all hair types.

OUTRÉ + CBD hair products are formulated differently, meaning you won’t see us selling a product for fine hair, thick or damaged hair, or any other specific hair type. The reason why is because we discovered if we made products packed with exceptionally concentrated nano-sized nutrients, they fit effortlessly inside each hair cuticle, healing the hair from the inside out. Sound simple? We can thank our genius labs for perfecting it, but we wanted to make it simple just for you!

Now, let's give you what you came for: Your 4-Step Haircare Guide — the easiest way to grow longer, stronger and healthier hair.

Step 1: Upgrade Your Shampoo & Conditioner

CBD shampoo and conditioner

Shampoo is the staple and foundation to get your scalp healthy and breathing. If you are using the wrong shampoo for your hair type or one that lacks ingredients designed to improve your hair health, then you’re most likely congesting your scalp with fillers that will slow down your hair growth.

OUTRÉ SHAMPOO + CBD is formulated with natural plant-based ingredients that not only get your hair clean, but also gently cleanse your scalp from pollutants and other chemicals that have been building up.

CBD is known to increase blood circulation, which stimulates growth. This paired with CONDITION + CBD is the perfect 1, 2 punch for growing longer, stronger and healthier hair.

Recommended Routine

  • Wash hair with SHAMPOO + CBD 2-3 times a week.
  • Apply a quarter size amount to wet hair. Massage into scalp and hair, working into a lather. Rinse.
  • Condition your ends with CONDITION + CBD every time you get in the shower to rehydrate, reduce frizz and strengthen hair.
  • Apply a quarter size amount to wet hair. Gently massage into scalp and work through hair to ends. Leave on for 1-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.


Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. Our daily CBD SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER repairs and hydrates stressed out strands while the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD oil nourishes and soothes your scalp.
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Step 2: Use An Energizing Hair Treatment

girl using a CBD hair mask

If you’re like our team here [obsessed with hair masks] you’re in a good place, but we’re going to place a warning label on it. Hair masks are generally a concentrated version of fillers, silicones and false promises. They will get your hair glossy, but if not used properly they will actually slow down your hair growth.

Instead, try using INSTANT REPAIR MASK + CBD. This is a concentrated version of our conditioner but rather than the red flags, you’re getting a substantial dose of CBD, Hemp Seed Oil and Coconut Oil. Each of these ingredients delivers not only immediate visible results, but also envelopes your scalp with essential nutrients that your hair and scalp need on a daily basis.

Recommended Routine

  • Use 2x times per week for the first three weeks in place of the CONDITIONER + CBD.
  • On clean, wet hair, apply INSTANT REPAIR MASK + CBD generously from roots to ends. Leave in for 5-30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
  • After three weeks, reduce use to once per week to maintain results.


Instantly restore moisture and hydration, improve hair elasticity and strength, and protect hair with this CBD infused Instant Repair Mask. Use after your hair color or highlighting service to instantly repair damage.
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Step 3: Brush Natural Oils

Girl Brushing Hair - Brush CBD Oil Through Hair

Natural oils develop for a reason—they provide nutrients and protection for hair as it begins to grow. Having longer hair prevents natural oils from getting to the ends which is why we get the nasty S word, “split-ends!”

For those with mid-length or longer hair, adding a natural oil daily regimen will replenish your hair and skin with nutrients similar to the oils created by your body.

To mimic the natural body's oil production, supplying a rich blend of nutrients that contribute to hair growth and protection, try our HAIR OIL + CBD.

Be mindful to brush your hair daily to distribute oils from your scalp to ends, making sure that you are gentle as you brush your hair. Treat your scalp and your hair as if you were washing your face.

Recommended Routine

  • Shake well before use then apply a dime-sized amount to your hands, emulsify, then evenly distribute across crown, front, and scalp with fingertips.
  • Use daily and do not rinse.
  • Brush your hair from scalp to ends twice daily for best results. Try adding this to your morning and bedtime routine, just like brushing your teeth.
Step 4 | HAIR OIL + CBD

Step 4 | HAIR OIL + CBD

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Instantly absorb rich nutrients to protect and nourish the hair from within. Protect hair from heat, fight frizz, add [weightless] shine, restore elasticity, and protect hair color and smoothness. For intense treatment
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Step 4: Pay Attention To Your Skin

Your skin speaks volumes about your health and what you are going through—most of the time it doesn't lie. Pay attention to how your skin reacts to different products.

If your face and scalp becomes dry, oily, itchy or even breaks out, it could very well be from the skin or hair products you are using. Don't ignore the signs and begin eliminating one product at a time until you see results improve.

We're proud that all our products are vegan and free of gluten, sulfates, parabens, DMDMh and phthalates. These ingredients are known for increasing allergic reactions in beauty products, so you can rest easy knowing we formulate without them!

Why You Will Love CBD For Your Hair

CBD Oil for hair

CBD is the new super-ingredient that fuels hair strength, growth and health, and it is about to take your hair journey to a whole new level.

CBD contains all 21 known amino acids that are imperative to rebuilding protein in your hair. Amino acids are also the main support system for collagen and elasticity [how your hair is able to stretch and spring back without breaking].

You will also find that hemp seed oil has one of the purest forms of omega-3's, -6's & -9's, which are vitally important fatty acids that deposit nutrients and balances moisture in your hair, preventing dehydration that leads to breakage.

There is plenty of research available to show that CBD encourages blood circulation [feeds your hair follicle to grow hair] and aids as a natural anti-inflammatory.

If you're struggling with finding the right hair products, suffer from dry, brittle hair, lack elasticity, or your hair simply looks and/or feels dull, give our CBD hair products a try...you'll be glad that you did!