Here is my message for all of you.
There is no hope without first experiencing fear. There is no success without first knowing struggles and there is no happiness without first knowing sadness.

For an independent brand like ours preaching about stress-free living I feel a responsibility to share with you that:

  • I am like a lot of you, a mom, a wife, a daughter, aunt and sister
  • We are being diligent to social distancing and trying to keep the positive energy flowing in our home in leu of the unknown 
  • We are constantly looking at resources from WHO and CDC, however …. guilty as charged, I’m also reading updates on facebook!

  In the times when meetings are being rescheduled, school becomes the parents responsibility and we sit and wait I’d like to remind all of you that you are not alone. We are here and in this together! Even more than that, we CAN STILL BE IN CONTROL!

We have all been in situations where we felt like we have lost control, this isn’t the first time and through those times in my own life I have learned that I can still have control on SO much that no matter what comes my way I do flip it into my positive.

Here are a few things I have learned to keep control of, give it a go …. it’s not like you’ll be late to a meeting today [wink wink]


     If you need a schedule - give yourself one, but take it easy on yourselves too. It’s not everyday we have the opportunity to share a flexible schedule with essentially everyone.

     Stay Active - While the gym’s and yoga studios are closed, go for a run or walk outside. This is a great opportunity to feel the life and stillness of nature. + If you choose to listen to Led Zeppelin at high volume in your headphones, the kids can’t complain.

     Avoid The Rut - Wash your hands, style your hair, give yourself a manicure if you’d like. When we get kept inside it is easy to throw your hair in a messy bun but avoid the rut, keep yourself up for you!


     Prepare meal ideas. When was the last time our pantry’s and refrigerators have been filled? When we work full time we often skip to a quick meal, now we can plan what we want to prepare for ourselves or for the family. There is nothing like a thoughtful homemade meal not to mention real family time at the dinner table!

     Add more vitamin C and D to strengthen your immune system. I personally love HUM Nutrition!

Avoid Stress

  Stress is one of the biggest factors to run down your immune system. This is the biggest opportunity for us to take control of what we can and release what we cannot.
It’s like Dorothy “There’s no place like home” more relevant to us “There’s no feeling like peace and love.”

     Breathe - Did you know; if we give our breath attention we become soothed and comforted? When was the last time you stopped  e v e r y t h i n g  and listened to your breath? Feel it bring warmth and life to your body.

     Meditate - I’ve shared with you before one of my favorite apps is free: Insight Timer.

     Apply CBD - it can be found effective at relieving anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation, improving sleep, and has other health benefits

     Laugh before you freak out. When we are pressed on a schedule we can’t help to sometimes freak out. When we relax, take a moment to process, a lot of times there is humor to be found in those situations.

     Journal your experience or call your best friend and just vent. This is a time when you may be on the same page!

I would like to close this by saying your feelings are real and you have every right to own them and express them. Today we have the opportunity to have a little extra time to think it through before we react so I encourage you to do just that.

Be well as you get through this time and enjoy the moments!

Devin Monet
founder of Use Me Hair/ OUTRÉ CBD