When we think of hydration the first thing that comes into my mind is taking down my trusty BKR 1 liter glass bottle of water just like a child with a few breaths in between. I have never been one to just stay steady. I’m either dehydrated or gulping, no in-between. But when we are thinking about haircare these habits need to get kicked ASAP and allow for the consistent daily care of hydration so that your hair can moisturize properly.

Not sure what the difference is? Let’s break it down!

p.s. I like speaking metaphorically and am also a visual learner which can be a fun thing to apply when writing a blog post.
For the sake of “healthier habits,” I will add to some of my descriptions in food terms … because why not?!

What is (hair) Hydration?

“the green juice”

Proper hydration comes in organic or natural compounds that balance hair moisture levels through naturally occurring amino acids that will deposit vitamins and minerals. If we think of hydration as I listed above as a “green juice” we can imagine this as a thinner consistency yet it contains vital nutrients that nourish our body, hydration and over-all wellness. (think aloe vera, rose water etc.)

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What is (hair) Moisturizing?

“the protein shake”

Moisturizing is a thicker consistency that can still carry minor hydrating benefits but it’s job is to have a more solid, creamier feel that will compliment moisture and protect it. These are usually found in butters (coconut, Kokum, cupucaü etc.) as well as in oils (babassu, sunflower, jojoba etc.) This “protein shake” is more of a visual, it’s thicker, contains a bit more oomph in the types of ingredients and protein shakes, I think gym, muscles, strength, protection. It protects the moisture to ensure your hair stays healthier all year long.

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Your hair cannot and will not be it’s healthiest if you choose hydration over moisturizer, and vice versa. One compliments the other. Hydration balances your hair and lays a foundation so that your moisturizer can cozy up next to it and seal in the hydration you just added.

If we jump straight-away into moisturizer it’s like a stamp with no glue. It’ll lay on your hair for a while, but it’s not going to stick, hence you need each to maximize your natural textures.

You are beautiful x

Dev - founder of UMH & OUTRÉ CBD