Obligatory NYE resolutions are in full swing and rightfully so! This is the one time of year when we can keep our minds thinking ahead and somewhat turn our backs to the harder lessons that have shaped us. NYE is the perfect and very unselfish time to set our intentions inward on self care and get you where you want to be.

Whether you are intending to get back into the gym, spending more time with family, saving to buy a house or if it’s pushing mainstream personal care products to the side and grabbing onto something new … this month was meant for you!

NYE resolutions 2020

Research shows that a positive mind and setting goals will actually allow you to achieve the things you are wanting in your life. In fact, as you speak them out loud you’re giving yourself more conviction to actually achieving these by the case of accountability.

Forget the pressures of comparison and hone into your goals and intentions because they are set for the future successes and growth for you individually.  

We started this company in the decade that we are leaving behind. This year has brought us so much unexpected joy, happiness and sleepless nights but amazing none-the-less! Our lesson here, is that even though our NYE resolutions of 2010 wasn't to start the best CBD hair care company by the end of 2019, each of us set goals that eventually brought us altogether to create just that!

No matter where you’ve been the last 10 years, what we say today is, set your intentions and 

From all of us here: We are wishing you the warmest New Year filled with abundance, acceptance, endurance and self care!