Why Hair PH Is Essential- Through The Novel Coronavirus

As many of us are weighing the severity of the COVID-19 in our local communities it’s hard to imagine a world with the current shifts that are taking place.

While we allow the officials and advisory committees to do their due diligence on research for this pandemic we wanted to share our thoughts with you, our community.

Although a lot of us seem to be healthy there are many in our communities who have a jeopardized immune system. My mom is one of them. [In fact, her lupus, fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis is one of the main reasons I had thought about creating a haircare line infused with CBD in the first place.] With this in mind, our family takes hygiene and common practices to the next level -all of the time and especially with COVID-19 lurking around every corner, you can imagine how we’ve increased laundry and every day cleaning!

My inspiration and muse. My beautiful mom and my daughter

Let’s highlight proactive steps we can take for personal well-being.

This is where we jump into our specialty, your hair! Hair has the ability to absorb DNA, drugs, stress and you guessed it … bacteria! Bacteria loves to grow near our scalp due to the natural heat zone the top of our head gives off and has the ability to attach to the absorption capabilities of the hair strands itself.

 Keep this in mind not only now, but for hygienic practices everyday:

While dry shampoo helps to absorb natural occurring oils it does not cleanse your hair or your scalp. Which is why during this time we need to be mindful and take our routine “old school” with the water, lather, repeat.

Every head and hair condition is different and you may ask yourself, should you be washing your hair everyday. While we cannot speak to every lifestyle, what we can suggest is that anytime we are in a flu like season it is best to wash your body from head to toe more often. This means, that ever so handy dry shampoo may need to make its appearance only when necessary. 

 Our Shampoo Difference:

Having this made in one of the only USDA certified organic labs in the U.S. it is also vegan and free of sulfates, parabens, gluten, phthalates, DMDMh, THC and is always cruelty free.

It is safe enough to be used as a daily shampoo without making your hair feel “dry,” and carries a PH level of 5.27 (your hair’s ideal PH should be kept between 4.5 - 5.5).

A healthy PH balance is a barrier that helps fight bacteria and the growth of fungus. It will help to keep your hair's cuticle sealed to maintain essential moisture and prevent breakage.

More Ways To Keep Yourself Healthy

For those of you that may spend more time out in the general public than secluded in your home, here are some tips to help disinfect your surroundings, keeping you mindful and healthy!

  • Avoid the handshakes
  • Wipe your phone down .... front and back
  • Wash your hands. A lot!
  • Remember - Cleaning only removes viruses and bacteria from surfaces, but disinfecting wipes them out.

There you have it!  While the stores may be sold out of some essential cleaning supplies, you can always make yours at home..... Full transparency, after his full day at work, I am watching my husband make ours while I wrap up this article. If he can do it, so can you! 

Through this time, we hope that all of you continue to be safe, healthy and stress free!

Founder of Use Me Hair/ OUTRÉ CBD
San Clemente, CA

Disclaimer* we do not claim that anything listed above will keep free of the flu or COVID-19. If you feel sick or if you feel you have been exposed to COVID-19 please contact your doctor or local hospital