Your guide to products that are worth the spend and
get you more results!

Tightening up our spending is a touch pill to swallow but necessary right now due to COVID-19 coronavirus threats to us here in the U.S. and around the world. California has been under safe at home orders for 4 weeks now with an unknown date to lift the order.

We are fielding questions 7 days a week from our clients, families and from you and we are here answering questions to some beauty DIY’s and beauty hacks that can lift your spirits and keep your sanity while we stay home.

You may be asking yourself, which wax kit is best, what skin care to swap or splurge and what at home hair color system can get you through until your next appointment. Below are a few of our cult favorites that are not just must haves but brings normalcy to our lifestyle and get multiple benefits from their use:

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Daily Vitamist + Biotin was created by a single mom on the go … yep that’s me! Well it was before I met prince charming. This mist also focuses on natural and certified organic ingredients and is gluten free and cruelty free! Here is an easy go to list of benefits you’ll get on freshly washed hair or second (third, fourth day hair):

Biotin for hair health, growth and strength in every mist
Detangle leave in conditioner benefits
Restyling aid
Frizz control for all hair types
Heat defender for blow drying and ironing
Lightweight to help you achieve more volume
Controls hair for those days you air dry
Protects your hair color from fading
Evens out porosity for even hair color applications
UV protectant, if you dare go outside ;-)

1 Hair Mist More than 10 Benefits


Bliss Bright Idea Vitamin C + Tri-Peptide Collagen Protecting Eye Cream
If you want to work on improving the window to your soul -collagen while you shelter in place, vitamin C and peptides should be in your bathroom. This eye cream promises to moisturize, brighten dark circles, and give elasticity a boost.


Hause Labs LE MONSTER Matte Lip Crayon

What better way to dress up your [clean] messy hair bun, your coziest at-home sweats and glowing skin than with a little pop of color for your lips? Lady Gaga shows us that expressing who we are can transform how we feel and her new Matte Lip Crayon doesn’t disappoint. A little tip i’ve learned traditionally [thanks to my nana and great grandmother] when times were tough and you need more bang for your buck, dab a little of your lipstick on your cheeks and blend for the subtle healthy pop.


Gel Nails at Home -Stickers by Dashing Diva

No talent needed for our fix in the nail department. As nails salons are closed mind COVID-19, there is no reason why you can’t get Easter Sunday ready for yourself or your families. My daughter and I have always played nail salon at home and brands like this make it nice to switch it up with or without our lock-down practices in place.


Shampoo for head … to toes

This shampoo boasts a list of natural and certified organic ingredients that is also gluten-free, sulfate free and cruelty free. Because of the natural selection of ingredients there’s no wonder why we don’t shy away with doubling this in the shower as our body wash as well. The USDA certified organic orange peel also helps oily hair to normalize and keeps our body feeling clean all day, without the dry skin!
The concentration also allows for a little to go a long way which means, more bang for your buck two-ways!


When it comes to waxing kits I get terrified of the post wax ingrowns that can come along with it. For that reason you have to be careful on how we eliminate un-wanted hair. Thankfully I met the two awesome women behind the brand No Mo-Stache that makes a quick facial wax touch-up easier than I have ever experienced before. At $6.49 at Target, you just can’t beat it!

When it comes to fuller body, we are intrigued with Flamingo’s new body waxing kit for $9.99 they combine a soft gel-like wax to grab both fine and stubborn hairs.