History will continue to repeat itself until we learn and grow in unity.

It is so important to have a clear voice in this hour. We as a nation are not just fighting to get to the silver lining of a health pandemic C19, we have another virus in front of us, racism.

We are saddened, that the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and too many others had to happen for our nation to recognize, again, that we continue to have the issue of racism largely in our black and brown communities.

As a (white) female founder, I have seen the polarization of race. My father is a first generation American while my mother’s family date back to the founding father’s of America. Growing up I have always seen people soul deep and surround myself with every person never judging by race. I am writing this humbly, that my love for people may have also been crippling to a solution to my brothers and sisters of any race. Because I chose not to see race, I chose to treat people equally, I indirectly was naive to how equality did not exist in the real world.

The actions of unjust police brutality is constant and as history is repeating itself again, I hope that we can find unity for all people. Racism has been pushed under the rug for too long. As others may have thought like I had, an individual act of treating those equal under my roof does not mean they have that experience once they leave my house.

This needs to be changed.

I encourage our Use Me Hair / OUTRÉ CBD community to learn about these divisions and racism. I hope that we learn the truths behind the issues that we are faced with and not just consider them void. Once the protests stop there is still work to be done!

We are not a brand for one race. We are not a brand for one texture. We were not created, sustained or ran by one race.
We come together. We are beautiful. We are stronger together.



Black Lives Matter