5 Mindset Shifts For The Digital Age 

Hi Peace Seekers!

If you have been feeling like you're running a mental marathon directly after the ball drop last month we want to let you know, you are not alone! The momentum and force of the needs from work, school schedules and your inner circle has been amplified in 2020 but we are here to share some alternative methods that can ease your stresses and hopefully bring some peaceful easy feelings.

As a wife, mother, business owner and human in the digital age I have felt my once called personal life slipping through my finger-tips. Be it the constant urge to my virgo perfectionism or the fact that I was born to be a fixer, it’s a tough pill to swallow some-days. Sure we want to wake up early, hit yoga, get the kid(s) to school with a perfectly packed lunch, get ready ourselves and show up to work -on time looking great with a smile on our faces, but mornings alone can easily leave no time for our self care. And that my friends IS the most important part to start each day with.

Here are some quick and free tips to ensure you get a moment for yourselves through the day before the world asks for all of “you.” 

Wake and Thank

Once you feel consciousness tomorrow morning, keep your eyes shut. Take deep breaths in and be thankful for the air you are breathing in. If you struggle to find your first words of thanks, start with your body, mind and soul. Thanks for the comfort of your blankets, the wiggle in your toes and you fingertips. Before long, you will be a master at gratitude for things you seek and project into the day ahead!


Your mind is powerful and can easily communicate your energy and perception for your day. We live in a quick reactive world where we want answers, reactions and solutions now but that isn’t how we were made, unless it was literally fight or flight situation. This in itself is directly linked to burn out, exhaustion and irritability. Be ok with saying NO or reply-all with, this has been received and I will look into this further with an answer. Be grateful that they trust you with the question at hand and be ok with taking time to an integral answer. This will give you a bit of peace to have time to think instead of always reacting.

ALEXA Play Fleetwood Mac

OK, Stevie Nicks might be my favorite but choose the music that puts you in a good mood and have it in the background. When you tune in and out of the background noise you may find relief in hearing comforting music that you choose and takes your mind to a place of happiness. Music is great for your soul.

Insight Timer

This is not a sponsored plug, this an app that I use daily. If my day is too hectic, I make sure to play it in the car on my way to school drop-off or if I take a lunch break to the market. It is a free app and an easy way to bring mindfulness to yourself without really having to sneak away for an hour. Trust that when you can give yourself a disappearing act and find that quiet place to unplug it creates an illuminating soul rejuvenation!

Drop The Guilt

We nitpick at “perfect” lives and have the tendency to cherry pick the qualities we like in millions of people on social media and think we need to have something from each person to enhance who we are. We are not made to be a smorgasbord of perfection. You were made to be you. Drop the guilt of falling short, being less than perfect or not having enough time to be in 3 places at once. You are absolutely perfect and were made to have an impact on your world. If we are constantly stretched so thin that we loose sight of that- your energy will dwindle and your sparkle starts to hide in chaos.